Privacy Policy

Hise Scientific Instrumentation, LLC (HSI) makes every effort to protect user’s privacy.

What information does HSI collect?

In order to help users understand exactly how HSI handles their data, we have broken the information into 4 types, as they are handled differently.

Personal Information

Personal Information is information that you provide about yourself. We collect as little information as possible in order to provide our services. A nickname (instead of your name, if you so choose), email address and password is the minimal set of information HSI needs to provide most services.Personal Information is regarded as highly sensitive and is never provided to third-parties.

Application Information

Application Information is information that we collect from you through the use of HSI applications. For example, we save information about content you provide such as research project information and comments you leave in the system.

How Application Information is shared is controlled solely by you. HSI will not share any Application Information without your knowledge and consent.

Data Sets

Data Sets are sets of information supporting scientific research. These sets can be uploaded by the user,obtained through the use of the Mini Field Station, or other such device. Data Sets can be shared by the user who added the Data Set to the HSI system or kept private.

System Information

System Information is information collected through HSI computer systems. HSI collects this information for the purpose of running reliable, efficient computer systems. This information includes server logs and database logs. System Information is not provided to 3rd parties with the exception of remotely hosted analytic services.

Please direct additional questions about HSI policies to info@hisescientific.com.

Doc. V. PP 2020-09.01