Our Story

Hise Scientific Instrumentation (HSI) helps researchers, students and citizen scientists engage with the environment through tools of observation. Our mission is to facilitate responsible environmental stewardship through technology, science and education.

HSI was founded in 2017 to bring capable and accessible technology to science. Our platform is based on cloud and IoT technologies that support environmental field and academic research as well as STEM educational programming.

Core Values

We find excitement in the prospect of bettering our environmental future by bringing cost-effective, professional-grade hardware and software to scientists anywhere.

We build technology that independent researchers can leverage as effectively as large institutions.
Through personal consultation, we can adapt our technology to fit your unique needs and specific research objectives.
We provide supplementary learning materials to help students and educators make the most of their data and empower the next generation of scientists and engineers.
Environmental Focus
Our sensors are noninvasive and allow researchers to observe the environment without harming it.

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