Mini Field Station 6 with WiFi Connectivity


The Mini Field Station 6 is a 2-channel data logger capable of recording measurements from resistance-based sensors such as our Dendrometer Sensor. Sensor data is recorded every hour and stored on the built-in MicroSD card.

If the Mini Field Station is within range of a WiFi access point, you can connect the device and upload its data to HSI’s own Eco Sensor Network. Data will also continue to be stored on the in-device MicroSD card. Price includes 1-year data service subscription to

Included are 2 hanger brackets that can be used with a 1” strap or other mounting hardware (not included).

Sensors are not included.

WiFi access requires an access point that supports WEP2 authentication (or no password).

Please allow 2-3 weeks for orders to be delivered.

Mini field station image 1
Mini field station image 1
Mini field station image 2

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